Essentia Verde

The property today known as “Essentia Verde” was acquired in 1978 and was dedicated to agriculture by the developer's grandfather. Sold to the father in 1982, its complete reforestation began around 1983, so the land has remained dedicated exclusively to reforestation for more than 30 years. Its emotional and environmental value has remained since its beginnings, thanks to the family's conservationist desire.

Today we want to share this land with a group of people who have the same conservation conscience. We can be an example of how to return to our roots thanks to so many good things that our ancestors taught us: coexist in harmony with nature and seek the well-being of the community.


We are a community that shows how to live in an eco-friendly way in universal brotherhood, without distinction of race, creed, gender, caste or color.

We value people as human beings, we celebrate life, nature, well-being and their connection with everything. We believe that our soul feels joy when there is harmony in a place, and when people try to understand each other, the atmosphere that reigns in those places attracts us, prompting us to get closer.
Enrique González, founder of Essentia Verde, is a dreamer, entrepreneur, fighter, lover of nature and its importance; that he lives with the commitment to be able to build together a better humanity for future generations.
Carretera Interamericana Sur, de la Chicharronera Chiquizá 2 km al Suroeste, camino a La Estrella; San Isidro, El Guarco, Cartago, Costa Rica.
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